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Growing Circle Class

per month
Growing Circle with Ursula

This online Live workshop is held twice a month for six months.

Experiential group workshops – working together for personal growth.
Your personal sharing is optional. It’s inner growth in a group setting.

Jan 30
Feb 12, Feb 26
Mar 6, Mar 20
April 3, April 17
May 1, May 15
June 5, June 19
July 3

We meet twice a month, workshops will be recorded.
Six-month commitment with automatic draft of $97 a month.

One time a Month for 6 Month

per month for 6 months ($1110.00 total)
Regular sessions will keep you in aware of what is happening and we can address the pressing issues at hand. It's better to be on a routine rather than let it all pile up.

This is a good first step in self-care.
No cancellations within 24 hrs of appt.

Two Sessions a Month for 6 months

per month for 6 months ($2220.00 total)
When we work together twice a month it will allow you to maintain balance and grow in strength and self-empowerment through greater self-awareness. You will get to understand your patterns, your triggers, your emotions and learned strategies for coping mechanisms. As you self-identify we can find the parts of you that need healing and go from there.

No cancellations within 24 hrs of appt.

Three times a month for 6 months

per month for 6 months ($3330.00 total)
Now here is the work that will begin to change your life. We stay focused on core issues that have likely been handed down for generations. When we meet three times a month for months at a time, we will gather much momentum, and more is able to be released per session. We can dig deeper into the subconscious and heal the deepest reasons for our suffering. When we become free from these burdens, we have more energy, awareness, and capacity to live freely and create a new way of being that includes peace, humor and feeling connected.

No cancellations within 24 hrs of appt.